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Exclusive Representation For Your Workers’ Compensation Needs

When you suffer a workplace injury or illness, you need to be prepared to act fast to protect your legal rights. Without an experienced lawyer at your side, your employer and their insurance company may act to keep you from earning your maximum compensation, or even try to keep you from receiving anything at all.

Here at The Law Offices of Farley & Ketendjian, we know how to fight for your maximum compensation. We have for over 25 years of experience here serving clients in the San Joaquin Valley area exclusively in workers’ compensation benefits.

Getting the best possible compensation in your case is not always easy, but we are ready to fight for you. We are qualified to represent you whether you need assistance with applying for benefits, appealing an unfavorable decision or resolving another workers’ compensation matter.

What You May Be Up Against

One of the biggest obstacles in these cases is your employer’s insurance company. Insurers, whether they are your employer’s or your own, will characteristically try to offer you a lowball settlement offer, so they can save as much money as possible. We do not think that you have to settle for anything less than the best, and we want to see you earn it.

If you have lost your loved one due to a workplace injury or illness, your loss may entitle you to your loved one’s benefits. No matter what your circumstance, we work with you to help you earn weekly benefits or a lump-sum settlement depending on your case. Whatever you are facing, we believe you deserve the maximum compensation.

Let Us Do The Fighting For You

Wondering what to do after you have been hurt at work or are suffering from a work-related illness? Contact our team to protect your claim and begin the process. We understand that it is hard to take on the strain of an important lawsuit on top of recovering and your home life. Let us handle fighting for your needs and the compensation you need to reach your best possible recovery.

If you are in the San Joaquin Valley area, contact our Fresno office by calling 559-222-8091 or emailing us here. Act now to schedule your initial consultation today.

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